About Us

Our Mission


Giving is good but it's not always fair. For too long Artists have been asked to give away their work for nothing all in the name of a good cause. And many causes go without funding because of lacklustre fundraising. We say that it is possible to give generously to the many organizations doing good works in your neighbourhood while also affording Artists a healthy living. To that end the Art4Good Mission is to create opportunity and Partnership for Artists to work together fairly with the deserving Causes that they wish to support. 


To that end we have created the Art+Heart Initiative. Time and time again we have seen that when we pair beautiful local art with the local Causes that need love from the community, we can sell more art and raise more money at the same time.


We in the Art4Good Neighbourhood wish to see Art and Giving work hand in hand, creating a real human connection between all those who give and all who receive, combining strengths and efforts to benefit a common cause. 


When you become a part of the common good through Art4Good you can feel proud, not only of the many beautiful pieces of art you could own, but also that your choice has helped many along the way. Invite your friends and family, join the Art4Good Neighbourhood and make your taste count. 



About Us


 Art4Good is an Artists’ Agency that partners working artists with nonprofit and charitable fundraising campaigns in order to benefit both. 


        “What I have seen - time and again - is that good art, sold for a good cause, sells for more money and at higher volumes than it would otherwise. 

         I call this the Art Plus Heart effect.”            -Art4Good Founder D.K.Gray


 The Art4Good project began simply with a Twitter post and an idea. Inspired by the early morning photographs of his friend Dr. Darren Markland, D.K Gray posted a number of digitally rendered paintings to Twitter. To his surprise the paintings were a hit and before he knew it he was getting message after message asking him where his paintings might be available for sale. 


This success inspired an idea. In the midst of a global crisis and far off war, Dr. Markland and D.K.Gray found inspiration. They would create a fundraiser by selling prints of D.K. Gray’s work and send the proceeds to the Polish Historical Society to fund humanitarian efforts to benefit Ukrainian refugees.


 The campaign was a break out hit. Within a week they had sold enough art to raise nearly $12,000.00, and pay for shipping a sea container full of much needed supplies for Ukraine.


Today, Art4Good seeks to continue the legacy of its first success by finding talented local Artists and pairing them with the Causes in need of support. 


 Art4Good is founded on the principal of doing the most good for the most people. Based on his experience as an artist, and as a Treasurer and Fundraising Director in Kiwanis and Rotary, D.K. Gray has put together the Art + Heart Initiative. An Initiative seeking to financially support our Artist and Fundraising Partners by capitalizing on people’s desire to do good. 


 Our Artist’s benefit from the exposure and good name of our Charitable Partners, while earning a living. And our Charitable Partners benefit from the love for, and sales of the Artist’s work. 


 Because of the Art plusHeart effect, both the artists and causes benefit from collaboration. And together they can reach the hearts and minds of a larger community.


        “Together, we do better. Together, we achieve more.”



 Art4Good is a division of Be Sweet or Die Alone Incorporated, an Alberta company.