Become a Featured Artist

How does the Art4Good program work for you?


Art4Good partners fundraising campaigns from Alberta based Charities and Nonprofit Organizations with artworks from working Alberta Artists. Artists can submit their art or may be commissioned by an Organization for their unique fundraiser. The artwork must be original to the Artist.


After working so hard on your art you can let us do the rest. We will handle the reproductions, shipping, and publicity; and you, as the Artist, will receive weekly payment with your portion of the proceeds to the account of your choice.


If you are wondering how the financial break down works, here it is: Net proceeds from all Art4Good projects are divided 50% to the fundraising organization, 30% to the artist(s) and 20% to Art4Good, based on a limited license of the copyright of your work (solely for use in Art4Good fundraisers and for 1 year only. Even for works where the original is purchased for the fundraiser, Art4Good will provide the artist with their master copy and release all licensing after 1 year.)


We are an artist agency, and want to help you make a living from your art beyond our one program. 


Every Art4Good artist receives:

  • Professional video feature and media article promotion 
  • Links from our storefront to your own socials and web pages 
  • Invitations to Art4Good local events and showings
  • The option of featuring your work in our Artists Exclusive Gallery (80% net proceeds to artist)


We support our artists’ value in the marketplace. All of our pricing takes into account the overall Art Market and fair gallery pricing. 


Good art can come from any Artist, but not all Artists can be an Art4Good Artist. Because we are ready to invest our time and money in you and your art, to make you a personal video essay, and give you the benefit of ours and our Partners good names, we need to know who you are and what you are about. 


“Every Artist dips his brush into his own soul, and paints his own nature into his picture.”                    

                                                                                                              -Henry Ward Beecher 

We will ask you to send us : 

  • Samples of your work, digital portfolio, and/or link to you professional social media accounts
  • A short bio about yourself as an Artist and as a Person
  • And let us know if there are any Causes you hold near and dear to your heart

Once our team has had a chance to go through your application we will let you know whether you and your work are the right fit for our Program.


Art4Good does not charge any service fees nor production fees to our Artists. You will never be asked for a dime to be a Featured Artist. All we ask is that you continue to make wonderful art as long as possible, and say nice things about wonderful people. 


If this sounds like your kind of opportunity Click Here to fill out our application form.