Become a Fundraising Partner

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” 

- Mother Theresa


Likely, when you first set out to do good in the world, you hadn’t realized how much time it would take, not to accomplish your goal, but simply to raise money and awareness. And yet, it often ends up being the most time intensive and frustrating aspects of any charitable organization.


Too often fundraisers fail. Organizers and volunteers spend a myriad of hours working up a plan and pounding the pavement trying to get it done. And in the end, after a lot of time and stress, after all the risks come meagre rewards, leaving your Organization in the lurch and your supporters scratching their heads. 


We at Art4Good want to turn this bitter, old narrative on its head. After years of experience volunteering his time for his local Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs our Founder D.K. Gray finally aligned upon a solution, the Art Plus Heart effect. By partnering wonderful Organizations trying to do good with talented local Artists he was able to sell art in higher volumes and at a higher cost. This very simple concept allowed him to raise almost $12,000.00 in a week for humanitarian relief in Ukraine. 


Since the success of our first fundraiser we at Art4Good have been rethinking the relationship between organizations, artists and fundraising. We are looking to help as many causes and as many Artists as we can. Let us get rid of the headache of thinking up new and exciting fundraisers. Let us take on the chore of production, advertising, and delivery. Together we can create the best fundraising experience you have had so far. 


Now you’re probably wondering how it works: 


When a nonprofit or charitable organization signs up to be a Registered Recipient Organization they are allowing us to use their good name to advertise, at no cost to the Organization. In return the Organization receives 50% of the net proceeds up to a predetermined amount (whatever you need to reach your goal). 


Through Art4Good, the Organization will form a partnership with one of our signed local Artist. (Each and every one of our Artists has been vetted by us) The Organization may choose to use an Artist’s existing pieces of art for their fundraiser, or they might commission an original work. Once the Artist and Art has been chosen you can sit back and let us handle the rest. 


As you will likely already know, not all art can be a break out hit. To alleviate the risks of your fundraiser not reaching its targeted goal we have put together a few insurance policies in the way of Hit Sharing and Lead Sharing. 


Hit Sharing is a mechanism that allows us to share the profits of a high earning campaign. After the agreed upon amount has been reached for the Registered Recipient Organization, Art4Good will redistribute the excess money raised to Organizations with lesser earning campaigns. 


Lead sharing means that any customer that signs up to the Art4Good Neighbourhood through your organization can choose from any of the art products for any campaign and your organization will receive a 50% share of the fundraising proceeds from each item.


 With these two mechanisms in place there is no reason why your fundraiser should not succeed. 


If this opportunity sounds right for you, if you are ready to try a new kind of risk free fundraising, then Click Here to fill out our Application form.

There is a limited amount of spaces available so be sure to act fast. 


Art4Good fundraisers are currently only available for registered nonprofits and charitable organizations in the Greater Edmonton area. New locations to follow.