Ask an Artist with Funkamush

Posted by by E. Gray on 10th Nov 2023

Ask an Artist with Funkamush

Art and life are a complex intermingling of energies. What rings true for one often rings true for the other. So to delve into the art we must delve into the Artist.

We asked one of our featured artists Funkamush (A.K.A Sarah Kosteriva) three questions to better understand her point of view and what makes her art so uniquely hers.

Question 1: What inspires you?

I am inspired by nature, the occult, fungus and its immortality, life & death and the human experience! I tend to paint emotionally and with the seasons.

Question 2: What fascinates you?

I am fascinated by the human experience and its eccentricities. The struggles we overcome daily, the constant mind meld of our immortality and redundancy of this world. That we always live on, be it through our corpses in the soil; growing and birthing new life through fungi and bacteria, or just living on through what we create and leave behind.

Question 3: What drives you?

I am very driven by placing a mark on the world. Getting excited about new ideas and creating something unique. Creating to induce some sort of emotion. Bad or good, I just want to make you feel something.

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